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  1. Pacific Blue

    Baby & Toddler Swings

    This is a safe and generous baby swing that converts into a toddler swing. Easily shifted from indoors to outdoors. Available in 11 colours.

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  2. Board Swings

    Board Swings

    A traditional attractive wooden board swing with profiled edges, made for the nostalgic.

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  3. Child Swing

    Child Swing

    A safe and comfortable swing. Also ideal for "tummy swinging"

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  4. Baby  and Toddler Swing Organic

    Baby and Toddler Swing Organic

    This swing is crafted with a natural canvas woven from organically grown hemp.

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  5. Small Black Baby Swing

    Small Black Baby Swing

    A special New Zealand edition.

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  6. Natural

    Vintage/Retro Accessories

    A supportive cushion and matching little owl rope hugger.

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  7. Special Needs Swings

    Special Needs Swings

    This swing has been developed for babies and young children. Please contact us for consultation for suitability and possible adjustments.The product is made to order and we like to discuss the suitability for your child before ordering.

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7 Item(s)