A few questions and answers

We ship everywhere! Costs vary though depending on where you are and how many swings you are buying. For standard swings/swing+accessories;

New Zealand: Free
Australia: 20 NZD
Europe: 80 NZD
Middle East: 95 NZD
Rest of World: 50 NZD

For heavier parcels like multiple swings see shipping at checkout or contact us. 

We try to ship same or next day but how long it takes depends on where in the world you are. Within New Zealand and Australia it should be within a week - COVID has made shipping a bit unpredictable so if you are ordering for a birthday plan further ahead than this! For USA and mainland Europe allow for 10 days. All parcels are tracked and we ship from New Zealand or The Netherlands.

There are many choices for hanging your swing either indoors or outdoors. You will need to be sure that the point of hanging is strong enough for the weight to be used in the swing and there is enough space around the swing for it to operate safely. With the appropriate hardware your swing may be hung from timber, concrete or a tree. Popular choices are inside from the ceiling, verandas, pergolas, trees and existing swing frames. Having a swing in your living room is always great for family entertainment.  

It is important to make sure that the branch you would like to hang the swing from is strong enough to take the weight of the person and the force of swinging. The branch needs to be horizontal to the ground so the swing will swing straight. Solvej Tree Hangers make it easy to hang your swing and are much better for the tree than wrapping rope around it. Always check the hanging height to ground to make sure the ropes are long enough for the position. Contact us if you require help with this.
Inside you will need to hang it from a strong structural point in the ceiling, a beam, rafter or door frame. The safest way is to use 2 stainless steel screw eyes in and clip the swing to these using the stainless steel carbine clips that come with the swing. For specific installation instructions see your swing instructions.
With the standard ropes the lowest the Baby Toddler swing can be hung is 2.2 metres (7 foot, 3 inches).
This takes into account that swing standards stipulate that the bottom of the swing must be 600mm (24 inches) from the ground, up to 3 years of age. In the calculation, the stretching of the rope has been taken into consideration.
However if you purchase your swing direct from us we can custom make the top ropes shorter to fit your needs. You would need to email us for this before ordering.
Maximum hanging heights for standard length rope can be found under each products description.
We really do mean outdoor swing! You can leave your swing outside in all weather, all year round and our guarantee will still stand.  
Wood will naturally grey over time outdoors, if you'd like to keep it coloured oil the bars and beads occasionally. Maintenance & cleaning instructions are on your swing instructions and on your swing tag.