Warranty & Returns

Returns Policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase, If shipping damage occurs during transit please notify us within 7 days and we will gladly work with you to have the merchandise returned and refunded or replaced.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied upon receipt, you may return your goods with invoice, at our expense, within 30 days of purchase. We are happy to give you a refund for the returned goods.


All returned goods must be in unused and in original packaging if you wish for a refund.


Returns Procedure

Please follow these procedures to ensure prompt refund or replacement.


Please contact our friendly customer service to advise of the return and for any help required. Physical goods must be returned for a refund to be completed.


Please highlight and print out the Returns Form below. Complete the form and post along with the goods and invoice to:


Holmsater LTD

Rural Delivery 1

Matiere 3995

Via Taumarunui

New Zealand


We will notify you as soon as the goods arrive.


Returns Form

returns form (PDF)


9 Year Limited Warranty on Solvej Swings

We, Holmsäter Ltd., guarantee the function of your SOLVEJ swing for 9 years from the date of purchase. We will replace faulty, broken or worn out components. The return of faulty goods is important to us, as this one way of seeing where improvements can be made. The warranty excludes defects or malfunctions that may occur as a result of mishandling and accidents. This warranty only applies to goods used in domestic situations. Making any changes to the swing may forfeit your warranty.                                                                                                                                                                                             


The warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.


The warranty is given by:


Holmsäter Ltd.


Address: 2164 Ohura Road, RD 1, Matiere 3995, New Zealand.


Phone: 0064 7 8937848


Email: swings@holmsater.com


What the purchaser must do to entitle the purchaser to claim warranty:


The purchaser may contact Holmsäter Ltd. by phone but must put the claim in writing.


The purchaser must provide the purchaser’s name, daytime contact phone number, a description of the product, date and place of purchase with receipt for purchase, and describe the fault condition.


What Holmsäter Ltd. must do:


Holmsäter Ltd. will provide the purchaser with store return information or a return authorisation so that the purchaser may return the product for warranty inspection.


If after inspection Holmsäter Ltd. finds the product is defective in materials or workmanship, Holmsäter Ltd. shall replace or repair the defective product or part at the discretion of Holmsäter Ltd. and ship the product at its expense within a week of receiving the returned goods. If the product is no longer available Holmsäter Ltd. reserves the right to replace with the nearest corresponding product of no lesser quality. Holmsäter Ltd. reserves the right to give a refund, assessed by Holmsäter Ltd., on the value of the product based on it’s used condition.


The purchaser must bear the cost of returning the product, which will be refunded if there is a fault. There is no charge for inspection.


Please note:


Features and specifications of all Holmsäter Ltd. products are subject to change without notification.


In some instances: Components may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than new parts with different features or specifications.


Please retain this Warranty with receipt as proof of purchase.


Date of purchase;


Purchased from;


Purchaser’s name;






Your warranty may also be lodged on our website for your convenience.


Dispute Resolution Policy

Holmsater LTD encourages an open and friendly dialogue between all customers and our staff. In the event of a dispute between Holmsater LTD and a customer the following Dispute Resolution Policy shall be followed.


Step #1: An open dialogue between the customer and Holmsater staff shall take place in the hope of finding a quick and mutually acceptable solution to the dispute.


Step #2: In the event that Step #1 is not successful a meeting/phone conference will be convened between the customer and a Director of Holmsater LTD in hope of finding a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute.( This will take place within 1 week after the unsuccessful attempt outlined in Step#1.)


Step #3: If Step #2 proves unsuccessful the customer shall submit in writing their complaint and the Director of Holmsater LTD shall respond in writing outlining solutions to the dispute. ( This letter will be sent within 5 work days of receiving the letter)


Step #4: If the dispute remains unsolved after Step#3 the customer may choose to ask for mediation. The cost will be split between Holmsater LTD and the customer. The mediator must be impartial and mediation shall take place at the earliest possible date once a mediator is agreed upon.


Step#5: If mediation is unsuccessful and the dispute goes to court, this will be carried out in New Zealand under New Zealand law.


Currency Converter

The currency converter we use is adjusted once every 24 hours. This is to give you an approximate conversion rate as currencies are constantly floating. The actual rate used will be as the purchase is made and will be set by your credit card provider at the time when they process the transaction.