Little Sailor Swing

Little Sailor Swing

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Our Limited Edition Little Sailor Swing. 

With all the features of our Baby-Toddler swing and original embroidered artwork. 

This Solvej swing is for use indoors and out, including on your boat! For ages 6 months - 6 years, it adapts as your child grows to bring years of joy.

The timeless natural design makes it an enduring classic you can be proud to hand on to future generations. 

All our swings are ethically made in New Zealand with a business model to support local rural communities - learn more.


For ages 6 months to 6 years (from when the baby can sit up unaided to the weight of 40kg/88lbs.). The swing converts within seconds from a baby swing to a toddler swing when your toddler is around 3 years old using the domed leg divider. It converts back just as easily. This long-lasting play value makes it excellent value for money and you can share the joy by passing on the swing when you're down with it.


The swing is designed for indoor and outdoor use with carbine hooks and screw eyes for easy transition between the two. Made from naturally durable timber, rot proof canvas, 10mm yachting braid and stainless steel fittings the swing is well equipped to handle the outdoor elements.


The swing comes with custom sliders to easily adjust the hight of swing.

Max. hanging height:  2.4 metres / 7' 10" *

For higher ceilings we have extension ropes and tree hangers for hanging your swing from that perfect tree. We can also organise to make custom length ropes for a small additional cost. Please email us if you require this service. 

*this is the hanging height not the length of the ropes. This hight covers both baby and toddler mode where the swing is low enough that a child can climb in and out themselves. 


We believe in our quality and not contributing to a throw-away culture. Our swings are made to last and be passed down and we back this with a 9 year guarantee. 

You can also contact us for paid repairs to your swing beyond this time.


It is an extremely safe swing for your baby with a safety belt, closed hooks and screw eyes. The beads are coloured with non-toxic paint. It conforms to the safety standards of Australasia and North America.

Packing and Convenience

Conveniently designed the swing packs down flat for easy storage and transport. Carbine hooks and screw eyes make the swing easy to move between indoors and out, take it  on holiday to the bach, your boat, the grandparents... wherever you'd like to go.

Remember that there will naturally be colour and grain variations in the wood of your swing.

  • Our stylish and high quality indoor swing for kids is an ideal investment that will bring many hours of joy to you and your child. Swings have been proven to be a beneficial tool that can encourage your child’s development, have a soothing effect or act as a mood booster. We skilfully craft our Solvej Swings to be safe, durable, functional and beautiful. Signs You Should Invest in an Indoor Baby Swing It’s a good time to consider buying a swing for baby to use indoors when you notice the following signs: Your child is becoming more mobile: A swing is a fun piece of equipment that helps to support eye development, balance and building muscle strength. As your child moves back and forwards in the swing, their eyes are learning to develop the ability to change depth of focus. The fluid in your child’s ear is also moving, which helps with the development of balance. Your child’s muscles are being worked in their hands as they hold on to the ropes, as well as neck and core muscles while they hold themselves upright in a seated position. It’s also great when you would like some hands free entertainment, freeing you up to get a few things done or relax. You live in an extreme climate: You can avoid taking your child to the outdoor park to swelter in the heat or freeze in the cold with our excellent indoor baby, toddler and child swings. Your child will have fun and reap the benefits of swinging, while in a comfortable environment. Your child is getting too heavy to carry and soothe: If your child enjoys the soothing effect that movement and motion brings, then our baby swing is the perfect addition for your family home. You can still have eye contact and be engaged with your child as they swing, yet you can give your arms a rest from holding their growing body. Tips Regarding an Indoor Toddler Swing Always ensure that you follow the instructions given with the swing, as well as these tips for using an indoor swing: Select the ideal location: Your swing needs to be in a location where there is plenty of clearance for the back and forwards motion, with no chance of hitting any furniture. You should also ensure that the height of the swing is in accordance with recommendations - not too high or too low. For toddlers to be able to safely climb in and out of the swing by themselves the seat of the swing should be near the height of their bottom when standing, slightly higher or lower depending on if they would like to be able to push themselves off the floor. Ensure the swing is installed securely: Our indoor swing can be installed in doorways, on beams, ceiling joists or using a swing stand. You need to be sure that the swing is secure and will hold when in motion. You should consider placing a safety surface underneath when your child is swinging. Regularly check your swing for wear and tear: To ensure that your baby is safe while swinging, it is essential that you regularly check all parts of your swing for wear and tear. Why Should You Use Solvej Swings? Our swings are beautifully designed to bring joy to children and parents. They are both beautiful and practical in the Scandinavian design tradition. We use quality materials that are durable, safe and have been tested by harsh climates in New Zealand and around the world. Contact us today for a quality and stylish indoor baby swing that your child will love.

  • Are you searching for a toddler swing seat? We carry swings for children of all ages, including infants, toddlers and children with special needs. Benefits of a Baby and Toddler Swing There are many advantages of investing in a baby and toddler swing. Just a few of the ways they can be beneficial include: Calm a fussy baby: Has your little one missed his nap? Does he need a different type of stimulation? The continuous movement back and forth can quickly sooth an unhappy babe. Keep in mind that our swings are entirely safe, so you can use them if you need a place to put your child while you make dinner or retrieve something from another room. Perfect in any weather: Whether you are stuck inside on a rainy day or are outside enjoying the warm summer sun, our toddler swing chair can be set up anywhere. Encourages the development of physical strength: If your baby enjoys constant movement, it can be difficult for any parent to keep up with this as it is very demanding. Placing your toddler in one of our swings promotes the idea that they can move their swing back and forth on their own and helps both their large motor skills in coordination and fine motor skills playing with the beads. About the Professionals at Solvej Swings We hold our team to the highest standards in customer service. When interacting with our staff about a toddler swing in Australia, you can always expect the following: Online and in-store shopping options: We strive to make it easy to purchase a toddler swing regardless of where you are shopping. Our online store is always kept up to date with our bestsellers and other merchandise. If you would rather come to a store to see our products, feel free to visit one of our numerous stockists around New Zealand and Australia. International stockists are also listed here. Dedication to quality: We use only the best material on the market to create our toddler swings. Our team is happy to take the time to explain the important information about your swing, including proper maintenance, the materials we use and how to use it safely. Guidance: Are you at a loss when it comes to deciding which swing is a good option for your child? We are here to help. Please reach out at any time and tell us about your child and where you are thinking of putting your swing so that we can suggest the best option for you. About Solvej Swings With over twenty years of experience, Solvej Swings is known as a trusted name for a toddler swing chair. Our swings are built to last for years and each one comes with a nine-year warranty. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Kids Wooden Swing Buy Your Sustainable Kids Wooden Swing from Solvej Swings As passionate advocates of the environment we are always on the look out for sustainable earth-friendly ways of entertaining our kids. A small kid’s wooden swing is a wonderful and environmentally friendly way to bring joy to your garden or home. By cutting out the cheap plastic swings sold by most toy stores, you can enjoy a swing crafted with care that will last for generations and not end up in a landfill after just two or three years. As our swings are designed to last generations once your child outgrows the swing, you can pass it on to a friend—or save it for your children’s children. What Sets Solvej Swings Apart Regarding Their Wooden Swing for Kids? We provide swings for children that will enhance family life and allow parents to feel comfortable placing their young kids into the swings whenever they need some hands-free mom-and-dad time. We never compromise on safety and quality: We focus on high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional materials, and our swings come with a nine-year guarantee. Your children’s comfort and safety are our highest priority. Many swings made for children are produced with low-grade plastic, which means that they can be uncomfortable for sensitive young children and show signs of wear-and-tear very quickly. Sustainable production: We use ethical local production to create our swings to ensure effects on the planet and a safe, comfortable work environment for the people we employ to build our swings. Our workshops are in two heritage buildings we are restoring a short walk from our home in our founder Jenny’s rural home village of Matiere, New Zealand. Using top-notch Scandinavian design techniques and styles, we build swings that we are proud to share with the world. We try to make the process of finding an environmentally-friendly small wooden swing for your babies and toddlers as easy as possible. The History of Solvej Swings We started Solvej (pronounced sool-vaay) Swings to share happy memories from our respective childhoods and a love for design, craft and the environment. Thomas Mortimer from Sweden and Jenny Etherington from New Zealand founded the business in 1993 after their daughter, Solvej, was born. As new parents we weren’t pleased with the plastic children's swings on the market, and as cabinet maker and seamstress by trade we decided to create our own natural alternative more inline with our values. We have been operating for 26 years, and we are proud to have more than 100 locations in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Europe, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Our swings have even appeared on Kourtney Kardashian’s holiday gift guide—she uses them for her own children. Our swings are still made right in Jenny’s home village in New Zealand to continue creating regional employment opportunities. We give members of the community a way to support the local economy while staying as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible. Why Trust Solvej Swings Regarding a Wooden Kids Swing for Your Child? The idea for these swings came from two parents feeling that standard children’s swings on the market were simply not up to the standard that they wanted for their child. These wooden swings stem from the belief that children deserve quality, and parents should be able to shop sustainably even for their young children to lessen the impact that we have on the planet collectively. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you’re ready to place your order for wooden play swings for your children.
Discover the Benefits of Natural, Non-Plastic Children’s Swings Children’s swings offer a range of unique attributes that make them very popular among parents and kids alike. Swings provide balance and coordination practice, as well as calming relaxation for babies and young children. They’re also lifesavers for busy parents and the perfect solution when you need to cook, pay bills, or do something else that requires your attention. Swings with carbine clips like ours can be moved around easily so that you can keep your child close to you while you work, regardless of where you are. At Solvej Swings, we craft safe swings for little ones from natural materials to give parents a fun and sustainable alternative to moulded plastic swings. Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Children’s Wooden Swing Whether you’re trying to soothe a fussy baby, keep a toddler safe and happy while you’re busy, or entertain a pre-schooler, a child swing seat is a great option. Here are a few safety tips for getting the most out of yours. Inspect the swing: Make sure there are no cracks, sharp edges or nooks that could pinch little fingers. Choose a swing made of natural materials rather than plastic: Plastic swings, when left outside, can be prone to cracking, potentially leading to injury. Check for loose connections: Make sure that there are no loose connections, frayed ropes or damaged chains that need to be replaced. Before using a swing outdoors, check to make sure that it is designed for outdoor use. Babies and young children love swinging, so choose a swing that will work for a range of ages, ensuring that your child can enjoy it for as long as possible. What Sets Solvej Swings Apart Regarding Swings for Young Children When it comes to creating children’s swings, we take a different approach than most manufacturers. We don’t use the moulded plastic found in most swings; instead, we choose natural and high-performance materials for a safer more sustainable swings. Some of our differences include: Natural and high performance materials: We use naturally durable timber and the highest-quality outdoor materials such as Sunbrella canvas and yachting rope to build durable, body-safe swings. Quality fittings and paint: We use stainless steel fixings to make your swing as sturdy as possible and natural finishes or non-toxic, water-based acrylic paint to keep your child safe. A commitment to excellence: Our family-owned business produces swings suitable for harsh climates and adventurous children alike. Our canvas and wooden swings are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and, with proper care, will be in your family for generations. Why You Should Choose Solvej Swings Whether you prefer a canvas swing or a timber swing, Solvej Swings has you covered. Our non-plastic kids’ swings are unique in the market and offer numerous advantages over conventional options. We have models of swings to suit all ages between 6 months into adulthood. All models are designed to suit a large age range so they can create joyous memories for longer. Our baby-toddler swing is designed to suit kids from six months all the way to six years, the only baby swing on the market with such a large age range and our dedication to quality ensure they are also one of the longest-lasting swings you can buy. Our child swing is for children as young as three all the way into adulthood! We are extremely passionate about our sustainable products, made to last for generations with top-of-the-line quality and ethical local production. Contact Solvej Swings to learn more.