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Our daughter abslutely loves it! Thank you for making a fabulous product

Amy, Fred & Grace, USA

We love it and it is the best thing we have ever bought


It was my best purchase ever

Nicola, Australia

"Wow your package arrived and IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY I had no idea how truly beautiful it would be to see one in person!!"

Gina Christchurch NZ

"Our swing arrived a couple of weeks ago and we LOVE it!  So much
better than anything we could buy in the US.  Thanks for making a
great product and for being so friendly.  Our little Linus spends a
lot of time in his swing and is delighted by it."

Holly, USA

The Solvej swing arrived yesterday. Beth, (15 month old) thinks it's great and so do I!!"
Thanks for your excellent service."

Ruth. Swansea UK

For the past 12 years we have used a Solvej baby toddler swing in our preschool development programme. It has been used by up to 40 children a day, 6 days a week for 36 weeks of the year and would probably last another 12 years. The Child swing with trapeze was introduced into our classes 2 years ago and has been well received and we are sure the new baby cradle will be an invaluable addition. Solvej swings are so valuable in our programme that they are a standard piece of equipment for every Jumping Beans Licensee in New Zealand and overseas. Thank you for such well made products. We look forward to working with you and your products for a long time."

Alison and Tim Kinmont Directors of Training,Jumping Beans International

The Solvej baby-toddler swing has been fantastic, it can loop over and hang on just about anything. We hang it in the woolshed, verandah, inside the house, and on a childs metal swing frame outside. It is very relaxing and calming for a fussy baby, great to pack and take anywhere, loads of fun for child and peaceful times for mum and dad, also very safe and sturdy."

Michelle and Neal Dempsey,New Zealand, parents of three

"We unwrapped our baby/toddler swing on Christmas day and I said to my husband "lets put it up". He groaned and whinged that it would take too much time before lunch and we had visitors coming and he didn't think the swing would come with the fixtures. I finally convinced him to take a look at it and we were surprised to find that all attachments were included. My husband was so happy that it wasn't going to take him all morning to find bolts etc. Our 9 month old just loves it !! Thanks for a lovely swing and prompt delivery."

Austin Family. Queensland. Australia

We have had Zoe's swing since she was 1 year old (the swing has been outsde in all weather and is still safe and much loved) and now at 4 she still gets a lot of use and pleasure from it and I can vouch that "Pooh Bear" loves it too. So much so that now her sister has arrived we have purchased another one to ensure that eveyrone remains happy."

Joan Allbury Waiheke New Zealand

I am super thrilled with my swing, hence that's why I ordered one for me!!!!! The kids love it!!(baby-toddler swing) Thank you very much for your great swings and service!!!! I will be recommending you to friends for sure. Thanks again, kind regards"

Monica Sheffield, Howlong, Australia

"A quick note to say how much our twin boys, Ben and Max enjoy their swing. After originally ordering one when the boys were about 7 months, we got another a couple of months later as they were both eager to get on. Now they think it is a great joke to swing side by side!! They are one year old now, and I am sure will have years more enjoyment out of the two blue swings. Kind regards"

Louise Van den Brink, St Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand

"The swing is fabulous! We put it up for his first birthday. Sam loves it, giggles and grins every time we put him in (even when previously fussy). I love the quality construction; it was exactly what we were looking for. And I appreciate how conscious your business is of sound practices. Thanks again!"

Julie, Colorado, United States

Babies and children love to swing.
Swinging has really great benefits for your baby and child.